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Aviation/Aircraft Fire Protection

At Five Star Fire Protection, we can offer our expertise to the Aviation Industry by providing the correct fire protection for Aircraft, for the Aircraft Hanger, the areas in and around the Aircraft used for Maintenance, Servicing, Repairing, & Fueling. We can also provide fire equipment for Heli-Ports, Heli-Decks on top of buildings and offer the best available clean agent fire protection using Halotron I, Halon 1211 and FE-36 Clean-Guard Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers. We also provide service and sales on Larger Wheeled Fire Extinguishers using Dry Chemical, Halotron I Clean Agent and AFFF Foam extinguishers.

Our expertise is in compliance with FAA, USCG and NFPA Fire Code Standards.

Note: It should be mentioned that while the NFPA Standard is referenced for Portable Extinguishers, the use of ABC/ Mult-Purpose Dry Chemical Extinguishers should NOT be considered in and around aircraft, as these ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers use Mono-Ammonium Phosphate as a base fire fighting agent and is very corrosive on aluminum and is NOT recommended for sophisticated electrical gear because of these corrosive properties. We recommend the use of Pressurized Water Extinguishers for Class A (Paper, Wood, Textiles) fires, augmented by Standard Dry Chemical Extinguishers which provides a Neutral Dry Chemical fire fighting agent for Class B (Flammable Liquid) and for Class C (Energized Electrical) fires as well.

Note: Although many fire officials suggest ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishers for Aircraft Hangers and/or Maintenance Facilities, these officials may NOT be concerned with the High Value Aircraft within the hanger. Our Class A Water type Extinguishers, AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) Extinguishers for A & B hazards and Halotron Clean Agent extinguishers can be used in place of the corrosive ABC Dry Chemical fire fighting agents. These Clean Agent and neutral, non-corrosive fire fighting extinguishers can be used to satisfy these fire code requirements and are available in both portable and larger wheeled models. For some cool answers to your hottest aviation and aircraft fire protection questions give us a call at Fire Star Fire Protection Services, Inc.

FAA requirements for Clean Agent Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers allow for the continued use of Halon Extinguishers. At Fire Star Fire, we can provide Inspection, Recharging, Testing and Repairs to Halon Extinguishers, using Non-Virgin, Recycled Halon Gas in compliance with current EPA World Wide Protocols.

References: NFPA #409: Standard on Aircraft Hangers

                  NFPA #418: Standard for Heliports

                  NFPA #407: Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing

                  NFPA #10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

                  NFPA #30: Flammable and Combustable Liquids Codes


2.5 lb. 
5 lb. 
10 lb. 
2.5 Gallon AFFF Foam Extinguisher
AFFF Badger 2.5 with words.png
Halotron/Clean Agent 65# and 150#  Wheeled Extinguishers
We offer Halotron I Wheeled Extinguishers for High Hazard Clean Agent Fire Protection
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