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Restaurant/Cooking Operations
Wet Chemical  Fire  Systems: 

Five Star Fire Protection Services, Inc. offers:

  • Pyrochem Kitchen Knight II state-of-the-art wet chemical, UL #300 automatic fire suppression systems with full ten year warranty. The Pyrochem Kitchen Knight II System is the best unit available in the commercial fire protection marketplace.

  • 6 liter Class "K" wet chemical fire extinguishers, compliant to NFPA#10, NFPA#96 and 17A for commercial cooking operations, including restaurants, schools, and places of worship.

  • Baffle Grease Filters to replace old style Mesh filters to comply with current NFPA#96 standards.

Five Star Fire Protection offers Inspection, Testing, & Recharging on the following Restaurant Systems:

  • Range Guard 

  • Ansul 

  • Badger

  • Amerex 

  • Kidde

  • Pyrochem

  • Protex

Five Star Fire Protection offer Inspection, Testing, & Recharging on Restaurant Systems

The fire extinguishing agent is a potassium carbonate-based water solution that knocks the flame down, cuts off air to the burning grease and cools the hazard area to ensure the fire stays out.

PyroChem's Kitchen Knight II System offers:

  • Automatic detection and actuation controls provide 24-hour protection.

  • Dedicated manual pull station allows immediate actuation at the first sign of fire and provides backup to the automatic detection system.

  • Premium extinguishing agent provides rapid flame knockdown and helps prevent reignition.

  • Pressurized D.O.T. rated steel cylinders ready for release in the event of a fire.

  • Pressure gauge on the agent cylinder allows visual inspection of system status.

  • Fully assembled and 100% tested mechanical control head, cylinder valve, and gas shut-off valve provide reliable operation.

  • Protective chrome nozzle caps help protect against contamination and blockage by grease or other cooking byproducts that can inhibit the proper discharge of extinguishing agent.

The KITCHEN KNIGHT II system is available in a variety of sizes economically suited to fit specific needs, and designed with the flexibility to accommodate changes to appliance layout or the expansion of a cooking area. Our Pyrochem Kitchen Knight II systems are offered with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

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