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Exhaust Hoods for Commercial & Restaurant Applications

We can furnish and install exhaust hoods and duct work for all commercial cooking operations. All of our exhaust hoods comply with NFPA #96 National Fire Code Standards and are "Listed", Certified & made of the required gauge Stainless Steel.

We can also provide a combination price with the exhaust hood and kitchen fire system together for additional cost savings.


Five Star Fire Protection provides professional installation of all fire equipment and ventilation systems for your kitchen.
• UL#300 Fire Suppression Systems/UL 300 Systems Upgrades.
• Access Panels/Grease Removal Devices.
• Hood System Accessories, including Baffle Grease Filters to replace old style Mesh filters.


Baffle Grease Filters to replace old style Mesh Filters

National Fire Code Standards (NFPA #96) now requires that all Mesh type Grease Filters must be replaced with Baffle type Grease Filters. Note: The older style mesh filters collect and retain the grease within the filter itself. Should a fire occur below the mesh filters, the fire could lip up, causing the mesh filter to catch on fire and melt. All old style mesh filters must now be replaced with new style Baffle Filters. These baffle filters allow the grease laden air to pass through the filter, collecting the grease below in the grease channel. 


Baffle Grease Filter example
We can Furnish and Install Exhaust Hoods and duct work for all Commercial Cooking Operations
Old Style Mesh  Filter example
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