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Marine USCG Approve Portable Fire Extinguishers
Available in Dry Chemical and Clean Agent Halotron.
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Our USCG Approved Marine Fire Extinguishers are offered with a full 20 year leakage warranty and are levels above what is installed in most pleasure boats. Pleasure Boat manufacturers tend to install the most inexpensive fire extinguishers available to them. These units are considered light duty & although legal, they tend to not function properly as they age. Our industrial grade extinguishers are available in Dry Chemical & Clean Agent Halotron I.

2.5 lb. with Standard Marine Strap Bracket
5 lb. with Standard Marine Strap Bracket
10 lb. Marine Approved Extinguisher

USCG APPROVED Marine Portable Fire Extinguishers with Marine Mounting Brackets.

Heavy Duty Marine Strap Bracket
Fire Boy HR-227 (FM200) Clean Agent Automatic Fire Extinguishers for Bilge & Engine Compartment.

Fire Boy HR-227 (FM200) Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers are the cleaner, safer, and more effective alternative to dry chemical extinguishers. They leave no residue or a powdery mess behind and have a quicker fire out time. When 175 degree F is reached, the Extinguisher will automatically discharge releasing the clean agent gas to totally flood the entire space it is protecting.
Available in 25 Cubic foot to 1500 Cubic foot protected volumes.
These units can also be equipped with optional panel warning lights, automatic shutdown circuitry, & Direct Cable Pull actuation.

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