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The experts at Five Star Fire Protection Services Inc. bring more than 46 years of experience to every job. Our team has field experience directly related to all aspects of Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers as well as Wet and Dry Fire Suppression Systems compliant to NFPA #10, 17, 17A, and UL #300 standards. In addition, our staff can offer full examination of Commercial Exhaust Hoods (NFPA #96) for cooking Operations and Industrial Spray Booth applications. We have the capability to seek out and pinpoint problem areas that many other contractors could not be expected to determine. Five Star Fire Protection Services Inc. can perform any of the following services and more:

Fire Extinguisher Services

FIRE EXTINGUISHER SERVICES: Inspection, hydrostatic pressure testing, 6 year maintenance, recharging and repairs to hand portable fire extinguisher, compliant to NFPA #10 and insurance carrier standards. We have the expertise to service all brands and types of fire extinguishers. These include Buckeye, Amerex, Pyrochem, Ansul, Badger, American LaFrance, Kidde, Safety First, General, Pemall, Strike First, First Alert, World, Fire Control, Potter-Romer, and J.L..

Fire Suppression Systems 

WET & DRY CHEMICAL ALONG WITH CLEAN AGENT SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS: Inspection, hydrostatic testing, 6 year maintenance, recharging and repairs to Wet, Dry and Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications. These include Fire Systems for Restaurants, Schools, Places of Worship, Spray Booths, Dip Tanks, Computer Rooms and Flammable Liquid Storage Rooms, compliant to NFPA #17, #17A, #96 and #2001 National Fire Code Standards. Because we have been in the fire equipment business since 1973, we have the expertise to provide service on many brands of Fire Suppression Systems, including: Range Guard, Ansul, Kidde, Pyrochem, Badger, General, Amerex, Safety First, Casco, & FSI. Some of these systems are no longer manufactured, but we can still offer our expertise to our customers on these systems. For some Cool Answers to your Hottest Questions, give us a call at Five Star Fire Protection Services.

Restaurant / Cooking Operations Fire Systems

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems: Inspection, Hydrostatic testing, 6 year Maintenance, Recharging, Repairs and modifications to and revamping for your requirements. These include Wet Chemical Fire Systems for Restaurants, Schools, and Places of Worship, compliant to #17A, #96, UL #300 National Standards and Insurance Carrier requirements. For new installations we feature Pyrochem Kitchen Knight II Wet chemical fire systems with a Full Ten (10) Year Warranty.

Industrial Spray Booth Fire Systems

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System Inspection, Testing, Recharging, modifications and Installation for paint Spray Booths, flammable liquid storage rooms and similar High Hazard requirements per NFPA # 17 and insurance carrier requirements. For new installations we offer the Pyrochem / Monarch Dry Chemical Fire Systems with a Full Ten (10) Year Warranty. 

Fire Alarm Inspection / Testing / Repairs / & Installation

We offer Inspection, Testing, Repairs and Installation for all your Fire Alarm requirements. Our fire alarm technicians in the field have the expertise to provide your place of business or residence with the best Fire Alarm and Security Protection, adhering to NFPA#72 & #70 fire alarm and national electrical standards. We also offer 24/7 monitoring for your place of business or residence via our UL Approved Central Station Monitoring Facility and at a reasonable cost.
We are distributors for many brands of fire alarm systems , including Silent Knight. Please contact our office staff to schedule an appointment for service or for a quotation.

Fire Sprinkler System Services

Wet and Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems: Inspection, Testing, Repairs and Installation of Wet and Dry Fire Sprinkler Riser Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications compliant to NFPA #13, #14, #15 and #20 standards. We also offer Inspection, Testing & Repairs for Fire Pumps and Fire Hydrants.

Emergency & Exit Lighting Systems

Emergency and Exit Lighting: Inspection, Testing, Repairs, Batteries, Bulbs & Installation of Emergency & Exit Lighting to allow for a safe exit (egress) of personnel from your building or residence in the event of a power outage. This life/safety requirement complies with NFPA #101 (National Life/Safety Code) standards. We also offer Exit Signs that required no electrical wiring. These units radiate light for 10 or 20 year periods. 

Commercial Kitchen | Exhaust Hoods

Commercial Kitchen/Restaurant Exhaust Hoods: Sales, Installation of, and Modifications to Commercial type Restaurant Exhaust Hoods, Duct Work & Baffle Grease Filters for the removal of Grease-Laden Vapors, compliant to NFPA #96 standards, for Restaurants, Schools & Places of Worship. Our Exhaust Hoods are made of Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel, are "Listed" by a Testing Company and comply with All National Fire Code Standards. Our installation Duct work is made to All Welded/Liquid-Tite Standards and our Hood Lighting is also Liquid-Tite/Vapor Proof as well. 

Fire Protection Signage

We offer various types of Safety Related Signage, such as "Fire Extinguisher Here," Arrow Signs, Danger & Warning Signs in both English and Spanish. We can also produce Custom Signs for Special Applications or Requirements. Many of these signs are available in Stick-On Vinyl, Hard Plastic and Metal (Aluminum and Steel). In addition, we offer Rigid Signs that are manufactured at 45 & 90 Degree Angles that will stick out from the wall and offer a larger visual area for your employees or patrons to see.

Inspection and Testing of Fire Hoses

Inspection and Testing of Fire Hoses: for emergency usage, compliant to NFPA # 1962 standards. We provide hydrotesting at both 5 year and 3 year test intervals to confirm that your In-House Fire Hose Stations will function properly when called upon in an emergency.

Fire Protection Consulting 

Fire Protection Consulting: is offered for various requirements and applications, including Fire Scene Discovery and for Expert Witness Testimony due to Insurance Losses or for Safety and Fire Prevention recommendations related to Building Occupancy and Fire Equipment related to Building Content Hazards. For further information contact our Corporate Secretary.

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