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Emergency Exit Lighting

Ohio Fire Code & NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requires that all Emergency & Exit Lighting Units require a Monthly 30-Second Test & also requires an Annual 90-Minute Drain-Down Test. *A Simple Push-Button Test is Not A Legal Test Method.  In the event of a power outage, should these lighting units fail, employees or patrons could become injured due to a lack of lighting to exit the premises safely. By maintaining these Emergency & Exit Lighting Units, you are protecting the people in your facility and lowering your Exposure to Risk from any Legal Liability that could arise from an injury.


Five Star Fire Protection can provide regularly scheduled Testing and Servicing of your Fire/Safety Systems

Five Star Fire Protection can provide  regularly scheduled testing and servicing of your fire/safety systems and is a most cost effective way to maintain the integrity of these systems while also meeting requirements, mandated by Federal, State, Local Fire Officials and your Insurance Carrier.

These fire/safety systems, equipment  & services can include:

  • Exit & Emergency Lighting (annual, monthly or quarterly svc) *For Emergency & Exit Lighting units, we offer the following:
    Battery Replacement & Confirmation using Test Meter for all components.
    Annual Full-Function Testing, compliant to NFPA#101 National Life/Safety Code Standards: trickle charger, 120VAC input & low voltage output modules, battery voltage, amperage, bulbs & confirmation of all component connections.
    We also offer New Emergency & Exit Lighting Fixture installation and Replacement for old or defective units. We can provide Self-Illuminating Exit units where no electricity is available.


Five  Star Fire Protection Inc. offers solutions to keep you in compliance and fire safe. For more information or to schedule an inspection, repair or review of your life/safety edquipment, please contact us for all your requirements at Five Star Fire Protection Services, Inc.

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